Vlado Kristl
BRD 1964
81 min

As in most of his films, Vlado Kristl acts as the protagonist in Der Damm. He undertakes the Sisyphean task of dragging stones in a quarry while competing with a stocky porter for the courtship of a beauty. The beauty finally shows her favor to the stocky porter and Kristl turns from a failure to an awkward pessimist. In Der Damm Kristl has revolutionized the abstract form of the eternal love triangle.

  • Petra Krause
  • Vlado Kristl
  • Felix Potisk
  • Erich Glöckler
  • Uwe Nettelbeck - Telefonstimme
  • Vlado Kristl
  • Michaela Berchtold
  • Gerard Vandenberg
  • Klaus Bornemann
  • Marlies Detjens
  • Michaela Berchthold
Detten Schleiermacher
Detten Schleiermacher Hängtal 5A 83250 Marquartstein Deutschland T 8641 8825 F 8641 7888
35 mm
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