Special: Fritz Kortner

Chu Chin Chow

Walter Forde
GBR 1934
103 min

This opulent film version of the story of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” draws a clear parallel between the robber chief, disguised as a Chinese dealer, and the honest merchant who, on his part, sets out to embark on a robbery operation. With the exception of the young lovers, who are spared, nearly all characters get into trouble because of their greed for money. Kortner’s act – all expressive mimics and rolling eyes – fits the setting perfectly; even the critic of the “Observer” noted: “CHU CHIN CHOW has the advantage of an exciting performance by Fritz Kortner as the Al Capone of the caravans“. Even from the visual point of view, the film’s glittering gems and subtle light and shadow effects are delightful.”

  • Fritz Kortner - Abu Hassan
  • Anna May Wong - Zahrat
  • George Robey - Ali Baba
  • John Garrick - Nur-al-din Baba, Ali's son
  • Pearl Argyle - Marjanah, Servant girl
  • Laurence Hanray - Kassim Baba, Ali's brother
  • Sidney Gilliat
  • Edward Knoblock
  • L. du Garde Peach
  • Mutz Greenbaum
  • Derek N. Twist
  • Frederic Norton
  • Ernö Metzner
  • «Chu Chin Chow» (1916) von Oscar Asche und Frederic Norton
  • Cathleen Mann
  • Anton Dolin
Gainsborough Pictures; Gaumont-British Pictures Corp. Ltd, London
35 mm
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