Sakaguchi Katsumi
J 2003
113 min

At a time when a large number of crimes are being committed by boys and girls in their early teens throughout the world, the film portrays a family that sets out on the road to regeneration after being driven into an impasse and left spiritually maimed as a result of a crime committed by the son. Naoki, a fourteen-year-old boy, murders a girl in a newly developed residential area in the suburbs of Tokyo. His family changes their names and lives apart from each other in localities where they are not known. On the day, three years later, when Naoki is released from the reformatory, Towako, his mother, resolves to go to her old home on a remote island, together with her family, in order to be with her aged mother until she dies. The family members are thus brought together again for the first time since the murder incident. Kasumi, Naokis sister, has been unable to speak ever since she involuntarily witnessed her brother committing the crime. The family is received on the island by Towakos brother Satoshi and his family. Satoshi had a son by his first wife, but he was run over and killed by a car. The family watches over Naokis grandmother as she passes away.

  • Yamaguchi Miyako - Towako
  • Manako Keiji - Yukio
  • Onoue Hiroyuki - Naoki
  • Saito Mai - Kasumi
  • Ohtaka Rikiya - Subaru
  • Azuma Takashi - Satoshi
  • Sakaguchi Katsumi
  • Hasegawa Takashi
  • Honda Tsutomu
  • Tanaka Hironobu
  • Sakaguchi Katsumi
  • Ikebe Shinichiro
  • Isomi Toshihiro
  • Matsuo Ayako
Supersaurus 1-6-6 Irifune Chuou-ku 1040042 Tokyo, Japan T 3 355 155 30

Weltvertrieb Supersaurus 1-6-6 Irifune Chuou-ku Tokyo, Japan T 3 3551 5530

35 mm
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