Tribute Sissy Spacek


Brian De Palma
USA 1976
98 min

Carrie White, the teenage daughter of a religious fanatic, has her first menstrual period in the school locker-room shower and is so sexually ignorant that she thinks she is bleeding to death. The rest of the girls cruelly taunt her and pelt her with tampons before they are caught by a teacher and punished. Afterwards two of the girls plan to make it up to Carrie each in their own way: Sue Snell talks her boyfriend Tommy Ross into inviting Carrie to the senior prom; the other, Chris Hargenson, rigs it so that
Carrie is elected prom queen and then sets a bucket of pigs blood above the stage to drench her at the moment of her crowning. But they have reckoned without Carries telekinetic powers which she uses to exact a sudden and horrible revenge.

  • Sissy Spacek - Carrie White
  • Piper Laurie - Margaret White
  • Amy Irving - Sue Snell
  • William Katt - Tommy Ross
  • John Travolta - Billy Nolan
  • Nancy Allen - Chris Hargenson
  • Betty Buckley - Miss Collins
  • P. J. Soles - Norma Watson
  • Priscilla Pointer - Mrs. Snell
  • Stephen Gienash - Mr. Morton
  • Sydney Lassick - Mr. Fromm
  • Michael Talbot - Freddy
  • Lawrence D. Cohen nach dem Roman von Stephen King
  • Mario Tosi
  • Dan Sable
  • Paul Hirsch
  • Pino Donaggio
  • Jack Fisk
  • William J. Kenney
  • Gregory M. Auer
  • Rosanna Norton
Red Band Films/United Artists

MGM United Artists 2500 Broadway Street Santa Monica, CA 90404 T 310 449 3802 F 310 449 3069

abc-films Postfach 457, 8011 Graz T 676 414 44 11
35 mm
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