Tribute Sissy Spacek


Robert Altman
USA 1977
123 min

The film begins with the introduction of shy, eccentric Pinky into her new job at a Californian spa for the elderly. She finds a friend in Millie, a garrulous but slightly haughty coworker. Millie, with her self-assured oblivion to what goes on around her, becomes a lightning rod for the weaker and more submissive Pinky, and the two form a close bond, and become roommates. Willie, the last of the titles three women, is the mute, pregnant artist whose husband is caught with Millie by Pinky. Pinkys subsequent distraught actions give rise to the films mysterious conclusion, involving an unexpected series of confrontations and role reversals amongst the three women.

  • Shelley Duvall - Millie Lammoreaux
  • Sissy Spacek - Pinky Rose
  • Janice Rule - Willie Hart
  • Robert Fortier - Edgar Hart
  • Ruth Nelson - Mrs. Rose
  • John Cromwell - Mr. Rose
  • Sierra Pecheur - Ms. Bunweil
  • Craig Richard Nelson - Dr. Maas
  • Maysie Hoy - Doris
  • Belita Moreno - Alcira
  • Leslie Ann Hudson - Polly
  • Patricia Ann Hudson - Peggy
  • Beverly Ross - Deidre Black
  • John Davey - Dr. Norton
  • Robert Altman
  • Chuck Rosher
  • Jim Webb
  • Chris McLaughlin
  • Dennis Hill
  • Gerald Busby
  • James D. Vance
  • Jules Melillo
Lions Gate Films 4553 Glencoe Avenue Suite 200 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 T 310 314 2000, F 310 392 0252

Twentieth Century Fox c/o Hollywood Classics 8 Cleveland Gardens London W2 6HA, Großbritannien T 20 7262 46 46

35 mm
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