Ulrich Köhler
DEU 2001
84 min

Disillusioned by the adult world in general and the military in particular, 19-year-old Paul deserts, heading home to his parents bungalow in a small town in southern Germany. His attempts to mull over his future, Holden Caulfield style, are disrupted by the arrival of his brother Max and his Danish girlfriend Lene, whose allure proves too much to resist for the alienated teenager. A less confident director may have got himself entangled by this potentially «sexy» subplot, but Köhler wisely keeps it enigmatically in the background. His control is impressively assured, right up to a final shot presumably a nod to Five Easy Pieces which shows the maturity and/or nerve to leave Pauls ultimate fate in the mind of the beholder. A striking debut. (Neil Young)

  • Devid Striesow - Valerie's brother
  • Lennie Burmeister
  • Trine Dyrholm
  • Henrike Goetz
  • Ulrich Köhler
  • Patrick Orth
  • Johannes Grehl
  • Gergana Vogt
  • Silke Fischer
  • Birgit Kilian
Peter Stockhaus Filmproduktion Friedensallee 7 22765 Hamburg, Deutschland T 40 39 10 963

Peter Stockhaus Filmproduktion

Filmladen Mariahilferstraße 58/7 1070 Wien T 1 523 43 62 0
35 mm
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