Fruit Chan
HK, Südkorea 2002
102 min

Dong Dong, born and abandoned in a Beijing public toilet, is called the God of Toilets. He is a lesser member of the pantheon of local gods and spirits who incarnate various aspects of life. At 18, he goes in search of a miracle drug to cure his dying grandmother. In spite of its unusual beginning and circumstances, the boys story is a global one as Chan interweaves the films earthier theme with its nobler one: the attempt to defeat death, using every possible means, in the name of love. (Giovanna Fulvi)

  • Tsuyoshi Abe - Dong Dong
  • Zhe Ma - Tony
  • Jang Hyuk - Kim
  • Cho In-sung - Cho
  • Kim Yang-hee - Mädchen aus dem Meer
  • Jo Kuk - Jo
  • Sam Lee - Sam
  • Raheel Amijd Habib - kleiner Bruder
  • Fruit Chan
  • Kee To
  • Lam Wah-chuen
  • Wong Man-wan
  • Henry Chung
  • Phyllis Cheng
  • Tin Sam-fat
  • Cho Sung-woo
  • Ben Luk
Nicetop Independent Ltd.1/F, 190 Prince Edward Road, KowloonHongkong (SAR), ChinaT 2397 1631F 2397 1136

Golden Network Asia Unit 1803A, Nanyang Plaza57 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, KowloonHongkong (SAR), ChinaT 2751 1886

35 mm
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