Tribute to Fay Wray


Raoul Walsh
USA 1933
100 min

The huge commercial success of Mae West's <i>She Done Him Wrong</i> convinced the studio brass that Gay 90s melodramas were a viable proposition. Here we are rewarded with a fast moving, well written romp which neatly targets the personalities of its stars. Wallace Beery and George Raft are excellent as friendly rivals; but it is Fay Wray who steals the film with her stock-in-trade damsel in distress. With a strong director - as Walsh proves himself to be - Wray could carry a lot of punch, and she is utterly believable as the object of both Raft and Beery's affection. Lots of atmosphere, beautifully designed, this is a forgotten film worthy of revival. (Jamie Moffat)

  • Wallace Beery - Chuck Connors
  • George Raft - Steve Brodie
  • Jackie Cooper - Swipes McGurk
  • Fay Wray - Lucy Calhoun
  • Pert Kelton - Trixie Odbray
  • Herman Bing - Max Herman
  • Oscar Apfel - Ivan Rummel
  • Ferdinand Munier - Honest Mike
  • George Walsh - John L. Sullivan
  • Lillian Harmer - Carrie A. Nation
  • Fletcher Norton - Googy Cochran
  • Harold Huber - Slick
  • John Kelly - Lumpy Hogan
United Artists


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