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Raoul Walsh
USA, 1933
100min, OF


Raoul Walsh
USA, 1933
, 100min, OF

Wallace Beery
Chuck Connors
George Raft
Steve Brodie
Jackie Cooper
Swipes McGurk
Fay Wray
Lucy Calhoun
Pert Kelton
Trixie Odbray
Herman Bing
Max Herman
Oscar Apfel
Ivan Rummel
Ferdinand Munier
Honest Mike
George Walsh
John L. Sullivan
Lillian Harmer
Carrie A. Nation
Fletcher Norton
Googy Cochran
Harold Huber
John Kelly
Lumpy Hogan

United Artists
World Sales: 
Distribution in Austria: 
35 mm/Schwarzweiß

The huge commercial success of Mae West's <i>She Done Him Wrong</i> convinced the studio brass that Gay 90s melodramas were a viable proposition. Here we are rewarded with a fast moving, well written romp which neatly targets the personalities of its stars. Wallace Beery and George Raft are excellent as friendly rivals; but it is Fay Wray who steals the film with her stock-in-trade damsel in distress. With a strong director - as Walsh proves himself to be - Wray could carry a lot of punch, and she is utterly believable as the object of both Raft and Beery's affection. Lots of atmosphere, beautifully designed, this is a forgotten film worthy of revival. (Jamie Moffat)