Tribute to Fay Wray


Edward «eddie» Buzzell
USA 1933
66 min

Fay Wray plays Ann Carver, a trial lawyer whose success in her profession alienates her from her husband. They go from the happy innocent couple to completely dysfunctional family once it's clear that his $10 raise is nothing compared to her $5,000 bonus. She is obsessed with her own success and the attention and the flattery and the importance of it. His nightclub owner buddy who abbreviates the last word of all his sentences whether it makes sense or not gets him a gig as a singer, and he leaves his stable job as an architect hoping to make it big as a crooner. He makes it big as a boozer and a flirt, and ends up in a murder trial. Ann decides to defend her husband.

  • Fay Wray - Ann Carver
  • Gene Raymond - Bill «Lightning» Graham
  • Claire Dodd - Carole Rodgers
  • Arthur Pierson - Ken
  • Claude Gillingwater - Richter Bingham
  • Frank Albertson - Jim Thompson
  • Frank Conroy - Baker
  • Robert Riskin (nach seiner Geschichte
  • Ted Tetzlaff
  • Maurice Wright
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Columbia TriStarWallgasse 21/9, 1060 WienT 1 597 15 15F 1 597 15 16
35 mm
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