Tribute to Jane Fonda


Gene Saks
USA 1967
106 min

Paul and Corie Bratter are two newlyweds embarking on the next phase in their life, which involves moving into a new apartment. Paul is a rising attorney in New York, and Corie has been left to tend to their new home that Paul has not yet seen. After six nights of Honeymoon bliss in a posh hotel, Paul has to drag himself to work from the alluring clutches of Corie, whilst she oversees the decorating of their flat. Things start to go horribly wrong, as the apartment is based on a steep fifth floor block that lacks an elevator, and Corie enters it to find it without any furniture or heating. This is the start of Paul and Corie's troubles, as they soon start finding out that marriage throws up many clashes of personality between the two of them. Barefoot In The Park is handled with confidence by director Gene Saks, a man who continued the theme with The Odd Couple and Cactus Flower in successive years. It's a light comedy that is enjoyably warm. (Raphael Pour-Hashemi)

Copy provided by Paramount Pictures

  • Robert Redford - Paul Bratter
  • Jane Fonda - Corie Bratter
  • Charles Boyer - Victor Velasco
  • Mildred Natwick - Ethel Banks
  • Herb Edelman - Harry Pepper
  • Mabel Albertson - Harriet
  • Neil Simon
  • Joseph LaShelle
  • Harold Lewis
  • Charles Grenzbach
  • William Lyon
  • Neal Hefti
  • Robert Benton
  • Arthur Krams
  • Edith Head
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35 mm
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