Tribute to Jane Fonda


Elliot Silverstein
USA 1965
97 min

Arriving home from the East, Catherine Ballou discovers her father living under threat of death unless he sells his ranch to the Development Corporation. When he is killed by the silver-nosed Tim Strawn, Catherine sends for the famous Kid Sheleen, hero of the pulp novel she read on her journey home. On his arrival, Sheleen turns out to be Strawn's brother and, more significantly, a drunkard who literally can't hit a barn door at twenty paces. But when all seems lost, Kid, like the heroes of old, shows himself able to regenerate himself and kill his brother while Cat and company prove themselves more plucky than they imagine.
What makes Cat Ballou such a success is Marvin's Oscar-winning performance as the saviour in filthy red underpants. The film is at its best when Jack Marta's camera simply watches Marvin, drunkenly seeking support from a horse that seems as drunk as he is. It wasn't the first comedy Western by any means, but its success - it grossed some 20 million dollars worldwide - revived the subgenre. In a witty linking device Nat King Cole (whose last screen appearance this is) and Stubby Kaye sing «The Ballad of Cat Ballou». (Phil Hardy)

  • Jane Fonda - Catherine «Cat» Ballou
  • Lee Marvin - Kid Shelleen/Tim Strawn
  • Michael Callan - Clay Boone
  • Dwayne Hickman - Jed
  • Nat King Cole - Balladensänger
  • Stubby Kaye - Balladensänger
  • Tom Nardini - Jackson Two-Bears
  • John Marley - Frankie Ballou
  • Reginald Denny - Sir Harry Percival
  • Jay C. Flippen - Sheriff Cardigan
  • Arthur Hunnicutt - Butch Cassidy
  • Walter Newman
  • Frank Pierson nach dem Roman «The Ballad of Cat Ballou» von Roy Chanslor
  • Jack Marta
  • Earl Snyder
  • Charles Nelson
  • Frank De Vol
  • Malcolm Brown
  • Bill Thomas
  • Mack David/Jerry Livingstone
Columbia Pictures Corporation

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35 mm
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