Austrian Pavilion

Philipp Fleischmann
A 2019
4 min

Silence, flickering vision, geometric shapes that seem to tumble over each other, bleaching out to pure light or colour fields of blue and yellow. The title is the only clue that Fleischmann is tackling a building of public significance (Austria’s arts pavilion in Venice), and thus offering his own, hyper-structuralist contribution to an experimental “architectural cinema”. Empty of people and of art, the walls and corners of this edifice resemble stripped-down film frames, and the cascading of angles that open onto the parched air evoke the movement of celluloid in a projector until it burns. (Adrian Martin)

In the presence of Philipp Fleischmann.

  • Philipp Fleischmann
  • Bert Löschner
  • Philipp Fleischmann
Salvatore Viviano

Philipp Fleischmann

35 mm
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