Armored Car Robbery


Armored Car Robbery

Richard Fleischer
USA, 1950
67min, OF

Quelle: Österreichisches Filmmuseum

Armored Car Robbery

Richard Fleischer
USA, 1950
, 67min, OF

Charles McGraw
Adele Jergens
William Talman
Douglas Fowley
Steve Brodie
Don McGuire
Don Haggerty
Earl Felton
Gerald Drayson Adams
Robert Angus
Robert Leeds
Guy Roe

RKO Pictures
35 mm

ARMORED CAR ROBBERY is just one in a series of violent crime dramas directed with crisp efficiency by Richard Fleischer during his early years at RKO. An important first expression of the heist film genre held at bay by the crumbling Hays Code—which had long prohibited overly detailed depictions of criminal acts—ARMORED CAR ROBBERY came out the same year as John Huston’s seminal expression of the genre, THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, yet stands in stark, stripped down contrast to Huston’s soulful peon to the defeated underdog. Fleischer instead delivers a swift and cold-blooded depiction of ruthlessly efficient police and criminal apparatuses set into contrapuntal motion, with William Talman’s harder than hard-boiled mastermind pitted against Charles McGraw’s two-fisted copper, an intense face-off of indelible character actors only possible in the feverish trenches of B-film production. Making great use of Los Angeles area locations, ARMORED CAR ROBBERY bears affinities with the popular cycle of low- budget semi-documentary crime films that flourished in the late 1940s and early 1950s. (Haden Guest)