As it is so often the case, life itself provides the substance for masterpieces: A chance encounter in the Piazza Navona in Rome, in this case. Director Alberto Grifi and screenwriter Massimo Sarchielli meet ANNA , whose life story is the basis for the film of the same name - an ambivalent game between fiction and reality that gets under your skin due to its rawness and immediacy.
“New languages aren’t invented in the editing phase, it is life undergoing a transformation that demands new languages…”—Alberto Grifi

Grifi's introduction (video) ist only available in Italian - however, the Viennale shows the original version with subtitles!

ANNA is screened on Nov 3rd at 1pm at Gartenbaukino.

20 years after PSYCHO and three months after the death of Alfred Hitchcock, a film was premiered, which would have, most certainly, brought joy to the master of suspense. DRESSED TO KILL processes known thriller elements around murder, psychopaths and prostitution and puts them together in a new and clever way with unexpected twists. Michael Caine as a psychiatrist in a genre classic by Brian De Palma - watch it!

DRESSED TO KILL is screend on Nov 3rd, 11pm, at Gartenbaukino.

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