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DAILY: Day 2, October 20, 2023

20 Oct 2023

DAILY: Day 2, October 20, 2023

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Culture is our space of resistance

(Eva Sangiorgi)




Lisandro Alonso | Argentina, Germany, France, Mexico, Portugal 2023 | 146 min
Friday, October 20: 9.15 pm-  Gartenbaukino (OV w/ GER subtitles)
Sunday, October 22: 5.15 pm - Urania (OV w/ EN subtitles)

A policewoman on the Pine Ridge reservation decides to stop answering her radio. A gunman searches for his daughter. A murderer, like all the other characters here, wanders through time and space, guided by the narrative of Eureka, the wandering bird. Painfully, a sense of what violent land-grabbing means and what uprooting feels like emerges.
In the presence of director Lisandro Alonso and Ilse Hughan (coproduction).

SHE CAME TO ME |  © Viennale

Rebecca Miller | USA 2023 | 102 min | OV
Friday, October 20: 1.00 pm - Gartenbaukino
Friday, October 27: 3.45 pm - Gartenbaukino

A wry comedy in the tradition of Alan Rudolph and Peter Bogdanovich, SHE CAME TO ME centres on Steven (Peter Dinklage), a modern opera composer whose previous opus resulted in an emotional breakdown so severe that he ended up marrying his therapist Patricia (Anne Hathaway), an obsessive-compulsive clean freak. On her recommendation, Steven takes a walk one day to clear his head and meets Katrina (Marisa Tomei), a tugboat captain and recovering love and sex addict. An ill-advised tryst turns Steven’s world upside down, but also provides the inspiration for his production: the story of a murderous tugboat captain who lures men to their deaths. Patricia’s cleaning woman Magdalena (Joanna Kulig) and her pompous husband (Brian d’Arcy James) round out the ensemble. Rebecca Miller (MAGGIE’S PLAN, PERSONAL VELOCITY) has created a bittersweet roundelay, driven by the manifold ways in which ordinary people cope with loneliness and alienation. SHE CAME TO ME is a film about fundamental human questions. Does creation always entail a fear of death? Is love at first sight always pathological? And why is it so difficult to move a dog from the galley to the main deck? (Michael Sicinski)

Image of movie Le Procès Goldman

Cédric Kahn | France 2023 | 116 min | OV w/ EN subtitles
Friday, October 20:  11.15 pm - Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus
Saturday, October 21: 1.45 pm - Filmmuseum

“I’m innocent because I’m innocent,” screams Pierre Goldman loudly and proudly, while on trial for killing two pharmacists in Paris. He was already handed down a life sentence for the crime but now, six years later, following the publication of his autobiography, he has been given a retrial. Speaking from the stands once again, Goldman (Arieh Worthalter) does not try to be nice or liked by the judges. He can be pedantic and quite aggressive at times, but is willing to pay the price to uphold his convictions if necessary. The strength of this film, which rarely leaves the loud and sometimes chaotic courtroom, resides in the intimacy created by Cédric Kahn’s staging—the expressions of the faces, the body language of the main characters, Goldman’s powerful voice—and the way it points the finger at not just French society’s antisemitism but all forms of institutional racism. The accused knows he was convicted based on speculation and racial profiling, but doesn’t even see that as a mistake: he knows the system works that way. When his lawyers and defense witnesses say that „some police officers are racist“, Goldman contradicts them. “It’s not some, it’s all”, he again shouts. And he’s right because he’s right. (Diego Lerer)

Image of movie Crowrã

João Salaviza, Renée Nader Messora | Brazil, Portugal 2023 | 124 min | Omd/fU
Friday, October 20: 11.00 am - Urania
Tuesday, October 31: 1.30 pm - Urania

If João Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora’s CHUVA É CANTORIA NA ALDEIA DOS MORTOS suspended the boundaries between tradition and modernity, wakefulness and sleep, nature and civilisation, the duo’s latest film gently smudges the lines that divide past from present and fiction from documentary to ambitious, dizzying efect. Once again, the villages of the Krahô people form the central setting, where Patpro is planning her trip to Brasília to attend a large-scale demonstration for Indigenous rights, a necessary act given the tensions imposed from outside that are felt even in this remote location: her uncle Hỳjnõ apprehends poachers at the perimeter of their lands, while her daughter Jotàt slips into historical traumas in her sleep. Yet these narrative elements are thoroughly imbricated with the film’s intuitive, immersive observation of everyday life, captured on 16mm brimming with light and colour. Here everything overlaps, always in balance; a dream can fold back onto a ritual or a massacre, a monologue can make memory flesh, flora and fauna can come to the foreground at any time and a rally can be precisely as real as it needs to be. How can collective history not take its inspiration from everything? (James Lattimer)

October 20, 2023 to January 10, 2024

© Viennale

Despite his varied output and multiple successes, Raúl Ruiz's extensive body of work is all too little known. For years, the filmmaker, born in Chile in 1941, was considered a rather elitist figure on the fringes of the European and Latin American film industries. Ruiz's enormous importance to the world of cinema, however, and the growing interest in his work that has finally emerged after all, can be attributed primarily to his legacy as a cinematic multi-talent. Audiences, creatives and film scholars return to his works again and again because they ceaselessly raise the question of what cinema can be at all - especially at a time when it is increasingly seen as an art form threatened by television, streaming services and other new media.
Tickets & info here! A program by Viennale and the Austrian Film Museum.



Angela Schanalec

Angela Schanelec
Director of MUSIC
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Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Director of STILLSTAND

Fiona Tan

Oskar Alegria

Lukas Marxt
Director of VALLEY PRIDE


Party: WOXOW
Behind Woxow hides DJ, producer and label owner Theo Fulcheri, who has been dealing with black music and its roots for 20 years, and has already played clubs across Europe: From Funk, Jazz to HipHop to Electronic Global Beats to Tropical Bass.
From 8 pm - free entry!


Rapper Die P likes to talk straight and doesn't mince words, for example about the fakeness and lack of skills of some of her colleagues in German hip hop. Afterwards, instrumental hip hop producer Figub Brazlevic will lay down perfect beats and revive the Golden Era.
From 10 pm - free entry!


Image of movie Los delincuentes

"A short Q&A for a portrait" – we kindly asked of filmmakers of this year's Viennale, and their answers are amazing. HERE is RODRIGO MORENO, director of LOS DELINQUENTES:

Screenings on:
Friday, October 20, 2023:
11.30 pm - Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus (OV w/ EN subtitles)
Saturday, October 20, 2023:
9.15 pm - Filmmuseum (OV w/ GER subtitles)



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