Publication Series: TEXTUR

TEXTUR is a new series of publications inspired by the previously published THE USEFUL BOOK. Each issue will focus on one film director. The publication makes use of a wide range of contributions, draws its contents from text and image and condenses them in a book, which is both simple and rich.

TEXTUR #1 - Angela Schanelec
TEXTURE # 1 is dedicated to the German filmmaker Angela Schanelec. James Lattimer interviews Schanelec on a long summer walk through Berlin. Maren Eggert, who has appeared in several of her films, and Ivan Marković, Schanelec's current cinematographer, share their experiences of working with the filmmaker in a café. A poem by Lawrence Raab, a short story by Schanelec herself and a text by Ulrich Köhler enrich the book as well as personal contributions by critics, filmmakers and festival programmers to each of their works. A selection of photographs by Ivan Marković invites to a visual digression and illustrates the preparations for Schanelec's last film as well as the research on her new one.
€ 9.00