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Textur #1

TEXTUR #1 - Angela Schanelec

Revised and expanded new edition!

TEXTUR # 1 is dedicated to the German filmmaker Angela Schanelec. James Lattimer interviews Schanelec on a long summer walk through Berlin. Maren Eggert, who has appeared in several of her films, and Ivan Marković, Schanelec's current cinematographer, share their experiences of working with the filmmaker in a café. A poem by Lawrence Raab, a short story by Schanelec herself and a text by Ulrich Köhler enrich the book as well as personal contributions by critics, filmmakers and festival programmers to each of their works. A selection of photographs by Ivan Marković invites to a visual digression and illustrates the preparations for Schanelec's last film as well as the research on her new one.

Textur #6 Lisandro Alonso

TEXTUR #6 Lisandro Alonso

For more than a generation, iconic director Lisandro Alonso, born in Buenos Aires in 1975, has been considered an innovator of Latin American cinema. The formal strength and evocative power of his six features to date, and finally EUREKA, presented this year at the Cannes Film Festival, emerge from a poetic and philosophical coherence that makes it possible to break away from narrative progression without losing context. The contributions of TEXTUR #6 dedicated to him come, among others, from the curators Olivier Père and Cecilia Barrionuevo, the film critics Lucía Salas and Quintín, and the film professionals Miguel Gomes and Viggo Mortensen.

Publikation:Viennale 60

Viennale 60. On Film Festivals

VIENNALE 60. ON FILM FESTIVALS. gathers reflections from festival experts in the form of conversations, interviews and essays; members of the industry share memories and experiences, discuss the past and present of the festival(s), provide ideas and suggestions for the future.

Read more about the publication in the Notebook Feature by James Lattimer here.

Textur 5


Textur #5 pays tribute to the work of another great master of our time, Alain Guiraudie. It presents photos and texts by the filmmaker and writer, as well as contributions by other directors and critics who believe that Guiraudie's original voice of dissent gives expression to the unconventional spirits, the marginalized and the excluded of counter-society, and does so with a fine, elegant sense of humor. With contributions by Alain Guiraudie, Antoine Thirion, Roy Genty, Laurent Lunetta and others.

Textur 4

TEXTUR #4 - Darezhan Omirbayev

The fourth volume is dedicated to the Kazakh director Darezhan Omirbayev and contains various types of texts and materials. Essays, critical statements, poems and photographs, always of the director himself, shed light on a career that has been extremely rich and full of inspiration for decades - as most recently demonstrated by AKYN, which was shown at the Berlinale in February. With contributions by Isabelle Huppert, Chris Fujiwara, Saodat Ismailova, James Lattimer, Eva Sangiorgi and others.

Terence Davies Textur

TEXTUR #3 - Terence Davies

Textur #3 - TERENCE DAVIES - in English.

Textur Kelly

TEXTUR #2 - Kelly Reichardt

TEXTURE # 2 is dedicated to Kelly Reichardt, whose FIRST COW, one of the big films of this year, will be shown at the Viennale. The volume contains an essay by the critic Jonathan Rosenbaum, a text by the filmmaker Jem Cohen on the passion inherent in this craft, two poems written especially for the publication by the poet Eileen Myles, a story by Maile Meloy and other contributions and interviews.