Lukas Marxt

Marxt Lukas

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Lukas Marxt (*1983) is an artist and a filmmaker living and working between Cologne and Graz. Marxt´s interest in the dialogue between human and geological existence, and the impact of man upon nature was first explored in his studies of Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Graz, and was further developed through his audio visual studies at the Art University in Linz. He received his MFA from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, and attended the postgraduate programme at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. Since 2017, Marxt has spent a considerable amount of time in Southern California, where he has researched the ecological and socio-political structures surrounding the Salton Sea.

Films (selection): NELLA FANTASIA (2012), HIGH TIDE (2013), DOUBLE DAWN (2014), CAPE GROUND (2016), CIRCULAR INSCRIPTION (2016, Viennale ´16), RALFS FARBEN (2019, Viennale ´19), LOADING PIT (2019, Viennale ´19), IMPERIAL IRRIGATION (2020).