Retrospektive 2018

Woman on the Run

Norman Foster
USA 1950
67 min

Zu Unrecht als wenig bedeutender Regisseur eingestuft, drehte Norman Foster einige der besten Filme der Serien um Charlie Chan und Mr. Moto (MR. MOTO’S LAST WARNING). WOMAN ON THE RUN ist Grund genug für die Neubewertung seiner Fähigkeiten. Eleanor (Ann Sheridan) muss ihren Ehemann verstecken, der unschuldig des Mordes bezichtigt wird. Der Film nützt die lokaltypische Atmosphäre der Drehorte in San Francisco und Los Angeles in einem rasanten Handlungsverlauf, dessen Höhepunkt Kameramann Hal Mohr am Santa Monica Pier mit expressiven Kamerabewegungen veredelt.



Typically dismissed as a minor director whose best work was as assistant to Orson Welles, the talented Norman Foster had a significant career unto his own that began with his work directing some of the best entries in the Charlie Chan and Mr. Moto series (see MR. MOTO’S LAST WARNING included in this program) but also included a group of accomplished Spanish language genre films made in Mexico. Perhaps the best place to launch a reevaluation of Foster is the rediscovered noir thriller WOMAN ON THE RUN, starring Ann Sheridan as an estranged wife searching for her embittered artist husband-in-hiding after he is targeted by the mob for accidently witnessing a crime. Joining Sheridan in her rescue mission through the urban underbelly is Dennis O’Keefe’s strangely insistent crime reporter who may have alternate motives. WOMAN ON THE RUN makes stunning use of its San Francisco and Los Angeles locations to inject a vérité energy and palpable danger to its gripping story, including a thrilling roller coaster climax shot on the Santa Monica pier by pioneering cinematographer Hal Mohr who across his long career refined dollies and cranes to make possible a richer kind of expressive camera movement (Haden Guest)


  • Dennis O’Keefe
  • John Qualen - Axel Swanson
  • Ann Sheridan
  • Robert Keith
  • Frank Jenks
  • Ross Elliott
  • Jane Liddell
  • Norman Foster
  • Alan Campbell
  • Sylvia Tate
  • Hal Mohr
  • Arthur Lange
  • Emil Newman
Fidelity Pictures
35 mm
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