Retrospektive 2018

The Fargo Kid

Edward Killy
USA 1940
63 min

Tim Holt, bekannt für seine Rollen in THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS und THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, war beliebter Star von mehr als 40 RKO-B-Western. Holts jungenhafte und sympathische Leinwandpräsenz erlaubte die Verschmelzung von gewalttätigem Action-Abenteuer, leichter Komödie und Gesang. Im komödienhaften THE FARGO KID wird Holt fälschlicherweise und ohne dies zu bemerken für einen berüchtigten Revolverhelden gehalten – bis es fast zu spät ist. In der Rolle von Holts Freund agiert Country-Singer-Songwriter Ray Whitley, dessen „Back in the Saddle Again“ zum festen Bestandteil der Cowboy- Musikfilme wurde.



Remembered today for his prominent roles in THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS and THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, Tim Holt was better known during his career as the popular star of more than forty B-Westerns made at RKO, cast by Welles and Huston precisely because of his upstanding cowboy persona. Holt’s boyish and likeable screen presence made him an ideal replacement for RKO’s earlier Western star, the chivalrous George O’Brien, and allowed him to glide across the melding of violent action-adventure, light comedy and song that remained a standard formula of Holt’s often compelling oaters. Only the second of Holt’s RKO Westerns, THE FARGO KID mines a more comedic vein than other entries, following Holt as a wandering cowpoke mistaken for a notorious gunslinger without even noticing, until it is almost too late. In the role of Holt’s friend is country songwriter and singer Ray Whitley who wrote the famous Western Ballard made immortal by Gene Autry, “Back in the Saddle Again” and remained a staple of the singing cowboy films. (Haden Guest)


  • Ray Whitley
  • Emmett Lynn
  • Jane Drummond
  • Cy Kendall
  • Ernie Adams
  • Paul Fix
  • Tim Holt
  • Morton Grant
  • Arthur V. Jones
  • W. C. Tuttle
  • Harry Y. Wild
  • John Leipold
RKO Pictures
16 mm
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