Olivia Wilde
USA 2019
102 min

Amy und Molly sind in ihrer Klasse wenig beliebte Streberinnen. Auf die Mitschüler*innen blicken sie herab: Niemals werden diese Deppen es auf eine gute Uni schaffen. Was sich am Abend vor der Abschlussfeier prompt als Irrtum herausstellt. Panisch versuchen die besten Freundinnen nun, den über Jahre versäumten Spaß an einem Abend nachzuholen. Die Schauspielerin Olivia Wilde variiert in ihrem Langfilm-Regiedebüt die Muster der Highschool-Komödie auf ebenso amüsante wie intelligente Weise: unverklemmt und ohne Prüderie, mit vielerlei Fettnäpfchen für ihre Protagonistinnen – aber ganz ohne jene platte Zotenhaftigkeit, die das Genre sonst oft „auszeichnet“. (Lars Penning)

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Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut is a coming-out and coming-of-age story surprising for its irony and irreverence. How refreshing it is to find two girls as protagonists, talking freely about their sexuality at the very moment when they’re maturing individually and socially.
Molly and Amy are first in class, engaged in political debates or humanitarian missions. They feed their determination and show disdain for those who ignore them. They train themselves with aggressive autogenic meditation, reciprocal declarations of love, and messages passed via a secret code of fidelity. On the last day of school, they learn that their time-wasting peers will also gain access to the same university they’ve entered through so many sacrifices.
The film turns into a night-long journey to regain the experiences unobtainable from books. Both girls will realize that they too have helped feed the very same stereotypes they thought themselves the only victims of. Across a succession of situations and plot twists of smart parody and cinematic sensitivity, the characters show a greater complexity than what we are used to seeing in comedies about growing up. BOOKSMART equally offers an unusual, proactive perspective and never ceases to demonstrate an intelligence that moves way beyond sarcasm. (Eva Sangiorgi)

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  • Lisa Kudrow - Charmaine
  • Kaitlyn Dever - Amy
  • Beanie Feldstein - Molly
  • Jessica Williams - Miss Fine
  • Jason Sudeikis - Principal Brown
  • Will Forte - Doug
  • Katie Silberman
  • Emily Halpern
  • Sarah Haskins
  • Susanna Fogel
  • Jason McCormick
  • Brent White
  • Jamie Gross
  • Dan Nakamura
  • Katie Byron
  • April Napier
Annapurna Pictures, Gloria Sanchez Productions

Annapurna Pictures

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