Image of movie Armageddon Time
Image of movie Armageddon Time

Armageddon Time

Zeiten des Umbruchs
James Gray
USA 2022
114 min

„Sei ein Mensch.“ Diesen Satz gibt Anthony Hopkins in der Rolle des Großvaters seinem Enkel Paul mit auf den Lebensweg. Es ist ein prägender Moment in der nachdenklichen Adoleszenzgeschichte, in der James Gray (zuletzt mit AD ASTRA positiv aufgefallen) autobiografisch gefärbt von dem jüdischen Jungen und dessen Freundschaft zu einem afroamerikanischen Mitschüler im New York Anfang der 1980er Jahre erzählt. So klein der (Familien-)Kosmos dieses Heranwachsenden ist, so groß sind die Themen, die sich darin auftun und bis in die Gegenwart der USA spiegeln: von der gesellschaftlichen Spaltung bis zum systemischen Rassismus. (Sascha Rettig)

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After exploring other genres and scenarios with THE LOST CITY OF Z and AD ASTRA, James Gray returns to his natural environment with a film that is perhaps his most mature and personal yet. Set in Queens, New York at the beginning of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, whose election is masterfully depicted in a central scene, ARMAGEDDON TIME is an intimate drama poised at the dusk of one era and dawn of another.
As the title eloquently suggests, this passing is not a bed of roses and little Paul, the dreamy protagonist of the film, will grow up through it painfully.
The film magnifies the scattered pieces of a country in free fall. Family, school and neighbors are all depicted as paralyzed institutions that fail the kids who refuse to mimic their parents’ idea of success. The only light able to guide Paul is his grandfather, played by an impeccable Sir Anthony Hopkins, who in his wisdom is the only one able to understand Paul’s nature and to see the direction history is taking. With this crepuscular coming-of-age story, Gray offers us an antidote to the easy nostalgia that too often parasitizes our collective imagination. (Rebecca De Pas)

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James Gray: LITTLE ODESSA (1994), THE YARDS (2000), WE OWN THE NIGHT (2007), TWO LOVERS (2008), THE IMMIGRANT (2013), THE LOST CITY OF Z (2016), AD ASTRA (2019), WELCOME BACK FUTURE (2021, K)

  • Anne Hathaway
  • Jeremy Strong
  • Anthony Hopkins
  • Tovah Feldshuh
  • Jessica Chastain
  • James Gray
  • Darius Khondji
  • Scott Morris
  • Christopher Spelman
  • Happy Massee
  • Madeline Weeks
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