Ala Eddine Slim

13 Okt 2019

Ala Eddine Slim

What’s the last film you saw?

The last film I came across by chance was Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival“ on television which I rewatched.


What’s the last great film you saw?

“Once Upon a Time in America“ by Sergio Leone, a very long film in my opinion.


Are there films that are considered classics that you don’t like?

I don’t know all the so-called classics. The films of John Ford leave me cold and I don’t recognise their power.


What films might people be surprised to learn that you love?

I love “The Dark Knight“, the second part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. I have seen the film at least 50 times and it inspired me each time. It may be far from my cinematic universe but in a deeper sense I find connections with the city, the characters and the darker side of the story.


Are there any contemporary filmmakers you feel close to?  

For sure ; Vincent Gallo, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, James Gray, Paul Thomas Anderson, Ghassan Salhab, Tariq Teguia, etc. From “the old masters" ; David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Orson Welles, Béla Tarr.


Is there a film you feel you have seen too early in your life?

No, there are some movies that I haven’t seen yet and I have to make up for that.


What is it you search for in a film?

It should upset my deadlocked ideas and disrupt my way of thinking. This stimulates me in making and/or watching a film.





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