Tribute: Kenneth Lonergan

You Can Count on Me

Kenneth Lonergan
USA 2000
111 min

An exemplary combination of fantastic writing, directing and acting for the virgin directing effort of Kenneth Lonergan. YOU CAN COUNT ON ME centers on an area not usually focused on, an adult brother-sister relationship. You get to see Sammy as a single mother, as a friend, as a girlfriend, a mistress and an employee. When her younger, unfocused brother Terry wanders back in her life, their relationship is the one that draws your attention. The chemistry of the writing permits you to see the manner that remains constant in any sibling relationship: an immaturity and familiarity that exists with no one else but someone you grew up with. (Oscar Mahoney)

  • Laura Linney - Sammy Prescott
  • Mark Ruffalo - Terry Prescott
  • Rory Culkin - Rudy
  • Matthew Broderick - Brian
  • Kenneth Lonergan
  • Stephen Kazmierski
  • Wendy Hedin
  • Anne McCabe
  • Lesley Barber
  • Michael Shaw
  • Melissa Toth
Hart-Sharp Entertainment, Cappa Production, Crush Entertainment, Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery

35 mm
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