Tribute: Kenneth Lonergan

Five Easy Pieces

Bob Rafelson
USA 1970
98 min

Bobby Dupea, the drifting son of a middle-class family, works on oilrigs in the South. One day, he resigns his job, heading to alaska, leaving rayette, his girlfriend behind.
Bobby uses his alienation, his rootlessness, his “freedom” as a way of getting himself out of difficult situations. When things begin to turn sour, he can always say, “I don’t belong here,” and move on. Although the film expects us to share Bobby’s scepticism towards clichés, it does not ignore the moral appraisals that he scoffs at so cavalierly. We can see that rayette is utterly dependent on him, and that he has encouraged her quite recklessly, without any concern about what she may suffer whenever he decides to move on. (Beverly Walker)

In the presence of Kenneth Lonergan


  • Jack Nicholson - Robert Eroica Dupea
  • Karen Black - Rayette Dipesto
  • Susan Anspach - Catherine Van Ost
  • Lois Smith - Partita Dupea
  • Billy Green Bush - Elton
  • Carol Eastman (as Adrien Joyce) based on a story by Bob Rafelson and Carol Eastman
  • László Kovács
  • Christopher Holmes
  • Gerald S. Shepard
  • Mozart
  • Chopin
  • J.S. Bach
  • Tammy Wynette
  • Bucky Rous
BBS Productions, Columbia Pictures, Raybert Productions
Park Circus
35 mm
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