Special: Asian Delights

Xue di zi

The Guillotines
Andrew Lau
Hongkong, China, Taiwan 2012
112 min

With Chinese period epics still continuing to fill cinemas, it’s no surprise that old school Shaw Brothers favourites are increasingly being brought back to screens, 1975 classic THE FLYING GUILLOTINE now reappearing as THE GUILLOTINES. The “guillotines” are a secret brotherhood of assassins controlled by the Emperor during the Qing Dynasty, their name also referring to the fearsome decapitation weapon they wield. Charged with bringing down rebel leader and apparent prophet Wolf, guillotine leader Leng and his men are joined on the dangerous quest by his childhood friend, palace official Haidu. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the guillotines, the new Emperor has decided that their brutal ways are no longer needed, instructing Haidu to ensure that none come back alive. (James Mudge)

  • Huang Xiaoming - Wolf
  • Ethan Juen - Leng
  • Shawn Yue - Haidu
  • Li Yuchun - Musen
  • Jing Boran - Houjia Shisen
  • Wen Zhang - Emperor Qianlong
  • Andrew Lau - Emperor Yongzheng
  • Aubrey Lam
  • Joyce Chan
  • Jojo Hui
  • Peter Tsi
  • Guo Junli
  • Philip Lui
  • Edmond Fung
  • Kinson Tsang
  • Azrael Chung
  • Chan Kwong-wing
  • Kenneth Mak
  • Dora Ng
Media Asia Films, Polyface Entertainment, Stellar Mega Films, We Pictures

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