Special: Asian Delights

Taiji Yingxiong Jueqi

Tai Chi Hero
Stephen Fung
Hongkong, China 2012
102 min

The screening takes place in the night between Sat. Oct. 26th and Sun. Oct. 27th!

TAI CHI HERO is a relentlessly fun martial arts movie, with plenty of wire-work and split-screen action and every other trick in the book. It also manages to be a sequel to Fung’s concurrently-shot TAI CHI ZERO that is packed with volumes of backstory and mythos without ever getting too bogged down or making the stakes unclear. The film revels in its silliness, mocking the rules of its already-fanciful genre while playing along with them, such as setting fight scenes to Swedish death metal, or presenting the final series of battles like the levels of a video game, complete with an on-screen “Vs.” Because why not? Fung even manages the improbable feat making the stale and played-out concept of steampunk seem fresh and interesting. (Sherilyn Connelly)

  • Jayden Yuan Xiaochao - Yang Luchan
  • Tony Leung Ka-fai - Master Chen
  • Angelababy - Chen Yuniang
  • Shu Qi - Mother Yang
  • Feng Shaofeng - Chen Zaiyang
  • Eddie Peng - Fang Zijing
  • Daniel Wu - Monk
  • Yuen Biao - Master Li
  • Zhang Jialu
  • Cheng Hsiao-tse nach der Story von Chen Kuofu
  • Lai Yiu-fai
  • Ngor Chi-kwan
  • Du Jie
  • Li Tao
  • Cheng
  • Mathew Hui
  • Zhang Weili
  • Ishida Katsunori
  • Yip Kam-tim
  • Sammo Hung
  • Liu Xuequn
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