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My Nhan Ke

The Lady Assassin
Nguyen Quang Dung
Vietnam 2013
93 min

In the remote, shoreline Duong Son tavern, the beautiful but coldhearted owner Kieu Thi lures weary travellers, bandits and corrupt government officials into her inn with the help of her team of lethal waitresses, then murder them to rob their treasure. In their last affair, however, the women discover the bound and desperate Linh Lan, an innocent kidnapped girl whose elite family has been killed by the evil general Quan Du, hidden in a coffin. Kieu Thi decides to keep her alive, moreover, train her to become a skilled assassin so that she can take bloody revenge for her family. However, it soon turns out that not everyone is who they originally claimed to be.

  • Thanh Hang - Kieu Thi
  • Ngoc Quyên - Waitress
  • Kim Dung - Waitress
  • Diem My - Waitress
  • Tang Thanh Hà - Linh Lan
  • Le Thái Hòa - General Quan Du
  • Ngo Quan Dung
  • Trinh Hoan
HK Film, Galaxy Studio

HK Film

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