In Focus: Manuel Mozos


Manuel Mozos
P 1991, 2002
96 min

Xavier returns to Lisbon after his compulsory military service and tries to give his life some meaning: he visits his old orphanage, meets some of his old friends. Above all, he sees his godfather Alves, who had taken him in when he was a rebellious adolescent, and who now tells him where he can find his mother. Xavier does everything possible to better his life, but there seem to be forces moving against him that he can’t stop. “When we filmed XAVIER in 1991 I had no idea that it would be so many years before the film was finished and ready to be screened. Of course it isn’t the film I imagined it would be, nor is it the film I had in mind back in 1991; but it’s my film, and I’m very proud of it. And for this I’m indebted to those other people who also believed that the film, one day, would see the light.” (Manuel Mozos)

In the presence of Manuel Mozos and Miguel Gomes (curator).

  • Pedro Hestnes - Xavier
  • Cristina Carvalhal - Rosa
  • Sandra Faleiro - Luísa
  • José Meireles - Hipólito
  • Canto e Castro - Alves
  • Isabel de Castro - Irmã Luz
  • Isabel Ruth - Laura
  • Manuel Mozos
  • Jorge Silva Melo
  • Manuela Viegas
  • José António Loureiro
  • Vasco Pimentel
  • Nuno Carvalho
  • Manuel Mozos
  • Pedro Marques
  • Mariana Ricardo
  • Jeanne Waltz
  • Manuel Lobão
  • Manuela Viegas
  • Matilde Matos
Suma Filmes
Suma Filmes c/o Laura Malaquias
35 mm
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