In Focus: Manuel Mozos

...quando troveja

When It Thunders
Manuel Mozos
P 1999
93 min

The relationship between Antonio and Ruth breaks off unexpectedly. Rute goes to live with Antonio’s best friend, Pedro. Antonio withdraws into himself and refuses to react. Violeta and Gaspar come to help him. These two strange characters manage to lift his morale. Finally, Violeta and Gaspar return to their realms populated with ghosts, angels, and devils as a storm is about to strike. And life goes on.
“...QUANDO TROVEJA was made thanks to the support and the generosity of a few friends, who encouraged me to make this film. So, if the movie exists it is thanks to them, to my producer who supported the project and believed in me, to the actors, the actresses and to all the members of the troupe whose commitment and dedication made it possible.” (Manuel Mozos).

In the presence of Manuel Mozos and Miguel Gomes (curator).

  • Miguel Guilherme - António
  • Elsa Valentim - Violeta
  • José Wallenstein - Pedro
  • Raquel Dias - Rute
  • Bruno Bravo - Gaspar
  • Anabela Brígida
  • Pedro Carraca
  • Laurinda Ferreira
  • Manuel Mozos
  • Jeanne Waltz
  • José António Loureiro
  • Francisco Veloso
  • Pedro Ribeiro
  • Patrícia Saramago
  • Vítor Rua
  • Luís Lacerda
  • Tatão Amaral
AS Produções
AS Produções
35 mm
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