Timothy Carey
USA 1962
83 min

Director/writer/actor Timothy Carey stars as insurance salesman Clarence Hilliard, who one day decides that every person is a \"superhuman being\". So he renames himself \"God\", establishes his own religion, political party and garage rock band, and begins a campaign to turn the world around. See Carey preaching/screaming at dazed housewives in the suburban streets of Southern California. See him seduce a 70-year-old woman in exchange for her life savings. Watch as he thrills his teenage fans onstage, defiles communion wafers in a lonely bedroom, and lights the fuse to general chaos.
The World's Greatest Sinner is Timothy Carey's self-made, low-budget masterpiece. Never released and only screened on rare occasions, it has the reputation of being one of the most notorious underground films ever made. A note of interest regarding the film's musical score: Carey gave a \"first big break\" to a then-unknown musician named Frank Zappa. (Skizz Cyzyk)

The World's Greatest Sinner makes other so-called \"groundbreaking\" films look like a fucking joke. Carey's brainchild is, quite possibly, the most inspiring depth-charge ever put on film. His obvious dedication and passion break acting and filmmaking down into unattainable bursts of madness and total personal clarity. (Sam McAbee)

  • Timothy Carey - Clarence Hilliard
  • Gil Barreto - Alonzo
  • Betty Rowland - Edna Hilliard
  • James Farley - Teufel
  • Gail Griffin - Betty Hilliard
  • Garce De Carolis - Mutter
  • Gitta Maynard - alte Frau
  • Timothy Carey
  • Frank Grande
  • Ove H. Sehested
  • Robert Shelfow
  • Ray Dennis Steckler
  • Edgar G. Ulmer
  • Fred Graff
  • Carl Mahakian
  • Lee Strosnider
  • Frank Zappa
  • Raymond Cirerol
  • Alberts
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35 mm
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