Denis Côté
66 min

Civilization expels, yet also protects. The character chosen by Denis Côté in WILCOX is one of the many variations on a type that appears across his entire filmography – the eccentric, the one who doesn’t take the path followed by the majority. In the introduction, and at the end, the names of people who chose to live in the fringes of civilization – sometimes putting their own lives at risk – establish a lineage and Wilcox, the protagonist, is one of them.
In Côté’s portrait of him, this solitary man is dressed as if he were going into war, he does yoga and takes on martial art postures, he is able to lavish tenderness on animals and to interact kindly with others. Côté’s key decision to elide language and to allow the sounds of the environment to merge with some lost melody into an indecipherable buzz; this aural decision signifies a detachment from the order of the world and introduces a radicalized experience without the codified signs of humanity. (Roger Koza)

In the presence of Denis Côté.


  • Guillaume Tremblay
  • Denis Côté
  • François Messier-Rheault
  • Jean-François Caissy
  • Matthew Rankin
  • Roger Tellier Craig
GreenGround, Inspiratrice & Commandant

Inspiratrice & Commandant

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