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Vanishing Days
Zhu Xin
China 2018
94 min


Set in the quaint city of Hangzhou in China, Zhu Xin’s directorial debut unfolds in tandem with the feverish summertime experiences of the adolescent Senlin and her restless, at times otherworldly realm.
Slowly but surely, VANISHING DAYS develops into a multilayered narrative whose structure constantly shifts between reality and dream, creating an endless whirl of separate dimensions in almost subconscious fashion. Lost animals and unknown objects keep appearing and disappearing without apparent rhythm or reason. The woods and other dark spaces in the city of Hangzhou, which is also director Zhu Xin’s hometown, merge into a stage for a chorus of multiple characters who variously live, dream, and reminisce, forging an atmosphere that seems to almost fluctuate between different mental states. Amplified by Zhu’s ambiguous editing and the sound design by Apichatpong Weerasethakul regular Kalayanamitr Akritchalerm, notions of time and space feel ever-elusive here, containing an immanent sense of transformation and mystery which envelops the nights and days of Senlin and those around her. (Nico Marzano)

  • Jiang Li - Li Senlin
  • Huang Jing - Qiu Xiaqiu
  • Chen Yan - Caiqin
  • Li Xiaoxin - Bo
  • Luo Haiqing - Father
  • Lu Jiahe - Li Senlin
  • Zhu Xin
  • Dai Ying
  • Zhang Wei
  • Wang Chenhao
  • Kalayanamitr Akritchalerm
  • Zhu Xin
  • Tao Zhen
  • Chen Xinjialan
  • Jin Jiachen
Midnight Blur Films, Midday Hill Films

Parallax Films

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