Ji yuan tai qi hao

No. 7 Cherry Lane
Hong Kong, China 2019
125 min

There are many things one takes for granted in animation: that it offers visual surprises, provides a sense of wonder all while infusing us with a certain longing for things lost, be it the naïveté of childhood or places we once new. Celebrated filmmaker Yonfan gives us all this and much more in his animation debut. NO 7 CHERRY LANE thereby is animation strictly for adults (and cat-lovers): The movie links history, politics and sex with a nostalgic cinephilia in a way that feels at once very grown-up and wonderously playful.
​Yonfan takes the viewer back to Hongkong in the year 1967, where leftist students take to the streets to protest against colonialism and where the real estate market hasn't yet totally transformed the skyline. In its center the film is about a love triangle: English literature student Ziming takes on tutoring Meiling, the daughter of wealthy and beautiful Mrs. Yu. Intrigued by both, Ziming courts the ever restrained Mrs. Yu by taking her to the movies to see french actress Mrs. Simone, and lets himself be courted by the lively daughter. Yonfan’s animation is full of moody details like lingering cats and colorful neighbors and at the same time a touching (and in the present context very timely) hommage to a city that once was. (Barbara Schweizerhof)

  • Sylvia Chang - Mrs Yu
  • Zhao Wei - Meiling
  • Alex Lam - Ziming
  • Kelly Yao - Mrs May
  • Teresa Cheung - Miaoyu the nun
  • Jiang Wenli - Woman in yellow
  • Fruit Chan - Cat
  • Yonfan
  • Terry Shek
  • Wang Haixa
  • Yu Yat-yu
  • Yonfan
  • Chapavich Temnitikul
  • Phasura Chanvitikul
  • Zhang Gang
  • Hsieh Wen-Ming
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Far Sun Film

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