Os vivos também choram

The Living Also Cry
Basil Da Cunha
CH, P 2012
31 min

Zé, 50, is a docker working in the port of Lisbon. He has long been secretly saving up for a trip to Sweden and already knows the date and hour of departure of the ship that will take him there. But one night, returning home, Zé discovers his wife has found his savings stash and bought a brand new hi-tech washing machine.

  • José Pedro Gomes
  • Dorin Dragos
  • Carlos Marques
  • António Silva Moura
  • Vitor Cabral
  • Basil Da Cunha
  • Patrick Tresch
  • Filipe Tavares
  • Emilie Morier
  • Basil Da Cunha
  • Julien Rouyet
Prod. Box Productions, O Som e a Fúria

Box Productions

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