vida útil


La vida útil

A Useful Life

Federico Veiroj
Uruguay/E, 2010
67min, OmeU

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La vida útil

Federico Veiroj
Uruguay/E, 2010
, 67min, OmeU

Jorge Jellinek
Manuel Martínez Carril
Paola Venditto
Gonzalo Delgado
Felipe Arozena
Victoria Novick
Arauco Hernández
Gonzalo Delgado
Inés Bortagary
Federico Veiroj
Raúl Locatelli
Daniel Yafalián
Auraco Hernández
Auraco Hernández
Federico Veiroj
Leo Masliah & Macunaíma Eduardo Fabini
Emilia Carlevaro

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35 mm

Jorge has been the film programmer and technical support at the cinémathèque for 25 years. He also has a news show at a Montevideo radio station where he conducts interviews and talks to filmmakers. Jorge’s life is consumed by movies. Because attendance is down, the cinémathèque struggles to make profit and shuts down, leaving Jorge unemployed. With no other skills, for the first time he is forced to change his way of life in order to adapt to the new world he faces. “In Spanish, ‘La vida útil’ means the estimated duration that an object is capable of functioning correctly. The “reborn” or the adaptation of that character to his new world is what interested me in developing the film. The main character, drowned in movies, will find the reply to his life in a cinematographic way. I like to think about Jorge as a Don Quixote, whose background allows him to start living his own adventures; and I think that’s the only way he has to survive.” (Federico Veiroj)

In the presence of Federico Veiroj.

Federico Veiroj
Born in Montevideo in 1976. He studies Social Communication at the University in Montevideo and starts producing, writing and directing films in 1996. For several years he is programmer of the Uruguay International Film Festival and collaborates with the Cinemateca Uruguaya since 2001 and works at the Filmoteca Española in Madrid for four years. He also works as an actor in many Uruguayan short films and as a script supervisor. In 2008 he moves on to feature-length films with ACNÉ. In 2010 he directs his second feature, LA VIdA ÚTIL. His latest film EL APÓSTATA premieres at the Toronto Film Festival in 2015.