Unsichtbare Gegner

V' 15

Unsichtbare Gegner

Öl ins Feuer

Rudolf Katscher
A, 1933
87min, dF

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Unsichtbare Gegner

Rudolf Katscher
A, 1933
, 87min, dF

Paul Hartmann
Gerda Maurus
Oskar Homolka
Peter Lorre
Paul Kemp
Philipp Lothar Mayring
Heinrich Oberländer
Reinhard Steinbicker
Eugen Schüfftan
Georg Bruckbauer
Rudolph Schwarz

35 mm

With an outdated appraisal the head of an oil company tries to lure potential buyers for dried up oilfields in South America. Two bidders compete fiercely but the engineer who once made the appraisal gets scent of the deal and barges in. Director Rudolf Katscher, a Viennese jew who emigrated to London shortly after shooting the movie, creates with this early treatise on international economic crime a gloomy film-noir-atmosphere with a fulminant final dominated by the brilliant play of Oskar Homolka and Peter Lorre.