Under The Shadow

Babak Anvari
Iran, Jordan, Katar, GBR 2016
84 min

Like an Iranian take on THE BABADOOK, writer-director Babak Anvari’s UNDER THE SHADOW is an emotionally direct and realistic horror story centered around a socially isolated mother and child who are terrorized by eerie supernatural events. The paranormal happenings seem like a combination of the mother’s hallucinations and the child’s way of making sense of the violence the mother perpetrates as her sanity ebbs and flows, but Anvari keeps things creepy in part by leaving open the possibility that there really may be something supernatural gripping his milieu.

  • Narges Rashidi - Shideh
  • Avin Manshadi - Dorsa
  • Bobby Naderi - Iraj
  • Arash Marandi - Dr. Reza
  • Babak Anvari
  • Kit Fraser
  • Chris Barwell
  • Gavin Cullen
  • Will McGillivray
  • Karim Kheir
  • Phaedra Dahdaleh
Wigwam Films, Creativity, The Doha Film Institute, Filmscape Media, MENA Films

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