Ram Reddy
Indien, USA 2015
123 min

A wizened old man, over a hundred years and counting, suddenly keels over and dies. And sets into motion an absurdist comedy of manners which uses death to make gentle yet stinging points about life. Director Raam Reddy’s first feature borrows some of its quirky quality from Emir Kusturica and federico fellini, as it tracks the impact of the death on the family of the aptly-named Century Gowda: the vagabond elder son Gadappa, the much-in-need-of-ready-cash other son Thamanna, and the layabout grandson Abhi whose raging hormones lead him to circle incessantly around a shepherd girl. The eleventh day funeral ceremony (“Thithi”) is when many things will come to fruition.
THITHI is so authentic you can smell it, and the characters feel absolutely real, their quirkiness never spilling over into caricature, as Reddy goes about creating a very specific but delightfully universal tale of fate and greed and thwarted desire. (Shubhra Gupta)

  • Channegowda - Gadappa
  • Thammegowda - Thamanna
  • Abhishek H.n - Abhi
  • Pooja S. M. - Kaveri
  • Singrigowda - Century Gowda
  • Eregowda
  • Raam Reddy
  • Doron Tempert
  • Nithin Lukose
  • John Zimmerman
  • Raam Reddy
  • Nithin Lukose
Prspctvs Productions, Maxmedia

The Moonshot Company

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