Una luna de hierro

A Moon Made of Iron
Francisco Rodriguez
Chile, FRA 2017
29 min

It is difficult to represent the circulation of goods and people that is typical of our contemporary age. Francisco Rodríguez devises a film of hypnotic cinematography that is at once political and intimate. Four Chinese workers disappear into the sea, throwing themselves out of a boat crossing the Strait of Magallanes in an attempt to reach the Chilean coast and escape from the exploitative conditions they find themselves in. Evocative stories envelop this event and echo around it like the reverberations of the aquatic landscape that appears like a mirage of a world that is frightening beneath its superficial beauty. (Eva Sangiorgi)


  • Carmen Godoi
  • Onoria Jimenez
  • Winston Alarcón
  • Francisco Rodríguez Teare
  • Andrés Jordán
  • Francisco Rodríguez Teare
Le Fresnoy

Le Fresnoy

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