Un etaj mai jos

One Floor Below
Radu Muntean
RO, FRA, DEU, S 2015
93 min

After being the sole unfortunate witness to a domestic quarrel that ends up in murder, Sandu Patrascu finds himself at odds with two very close neighbors: one is the bizarre murderer. The other is his very own conscience. “Radu Muntean and his co-scripters are never explicit about what Patrascu is thinking (this wouldn’t be a Romanian film if they were): Is he protecting his family? Himself? An undercurrent of so much of new Romanian cinema has been the need to strip bare how people treat each other as fellow human beings, a theme that ONE FLOOR BELOW subtly examines not via the murder, but through Sandu’s lack of a sense of the common good: Keep your head down, don’t get involved – a message hardly limited to one Balkan nation.” (Jay Weissberg)

In the presence of Radu Muntean.

  • Teodor Corban - Sandu Patrascu
  • Iulian Postelnicu - Vali Dima
  • Oxana Moravec - Olga Patrascu
  • Alexandru Baciu
  • Radu Muntean
  • Razvan Radulescu
  • Tudor Lucaciu
  • Andre Rigaut
  • Alexandru Radu
  • Electric Brother
  • Sorin Dima
Multi Media Est, Les Films de l’Après-Midi, NeueMediopolis Filmproduktion, Bleck Film & TV AB

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