Ramin Bahrani
USA 2014
112 min

Dennis Nash is a single father who shares a bungalow in Orlando, Florida with his mother and son. Shortly before the recession hit, he sunk his savings into equipment for his construction firm, but now that no one needs his services, he can’t keep up his sub-prime mortgage repayments. One afternoon, there’s a knock on his door from the all-too-appropriately named Carver, accompanied by two burly men from the sheriff’s office. Carver calmly informs Nash that the bank now owns his house, and that he and his mother have a couple of minutes to grab some belongings and leave the property for good. After a grim night in one of Florida’s worst motel rooms, Nash resolves to buy the house back, and he agrees to do some odd jobs for the very man who threw him out of it.
Stand aside, Gordon Gekko, because now he has a successor for the credit-crunch era: Rick Carver is a granite-hearted real estate wheelerdealer who views life as a game of Monopoly: “They build homes. I own homes.” (Nicholas Barber)

  • Andrew Garfield - Dennis Nash
  • Michael Shannon - Rick Carver
  • Laura Dern - Lynn
  • Noah Lomax - Connor
  • Ramin Bahrani
  • Amir Naderi
  • Bahareh Azimi
  • Bobby Bukowski
  • Odin Benitez
  • Ramin Bahrani
  • Antony Partos
  • Matteo Zingales
  • Alex Di Gerlando
  • Meghan Kasperlik
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