Deux Rémi, deux

Two Remis, Two
Pierre Léon
FRA 2015
66 min

“DEUX RÉMI, DEUX is a slim, comic adaptation of Dostoyevskys ‘The Double’. Taking as sensitive and amusingly absurd an existential crisis usually turned into far more grim movies, Léon blesses his film with an impeccable cast culled mostly from a small filmmaking circle: director Serge Bozon plays Rémi’s brother, Truffaut’s enchanting granddaughter plays the young woman who loves Rémi, film historian Bernard Eisenschitz plays his boss, New Wave secret member Jackie Raynal his mother, and so on. They conspire to create a little community of moral beings for the shy flaneur Rémi to ping pong between once he discovers he has a double – more suave, more assured, and more popular – who seems to be phasing him out of his own life. A light touch, a refined vision, and careful, discreet consideration brings out from this cast of characters a challenge to this blinkered young man to step up and embrace the world. Of course, this being cinema, that means a fight and a kiss, and the lovely simplicity of this denouement is completely in keeping with DEUX RÉMI, DEUX’s refreshing, intelligent limpidity. (Daniel Kasman)

In the presence of Pierre Léone.

  • Pascal Cervo - Rémi Pardon
  • Bernard Eisenschitz - Jacques Murat
  • Jean-Christophe Bouvet - Gauthier
  • Luna Picoli-Truffaut - Delphine Murat
  • SERGE BOZON - Philippe Pardon
  • Pierre Léon
  • Renaud Legrand
  • Thomas Favel
  • Rosalie Revoyre
  • Martial Salomon
  • Alexander Zekke
  • Renaud Legrand
  • Renaud Legrand
Ferris et Brockman, Kapara Pictures, Garidi Films, Aurora Films;

Barberousse Films

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