Retro Varda/Demy


Agnès Varda
FRA 1982
22 min

A fascinating short in which Varda examines a photograph which she took in Egypt back in 1954. The photo shows a standing, naked man to the upper right, a small, naked boy sitting to the right of him on the rocky beach, and far down in the right hand corner, a dead goat. Varda goes back to Egypt to talk to the naked man (she interviews him naked), the boy, Ulysse, now a man, and others, examining the photograph as a piece of her own existence (Varda started shooting her first film, <![CDATA[<i>]]>La Pointe Courte<![CDATA[</i>]]>, a few days after the photo was taken).

  • Fouli Elia
  • Ulysse Llorca
  • Bienvenida Llorca
Garance, Dominique Vignet, François Nocher, Paris Audiovisuel, Antenne 2, C. N. C.
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