Retrospective 2017

U samogo sinego morja

By the Bluest of Seas
Boris Barnet
Udssr 1935
71 min

While in the 1930s the political ideology lies heavy on the arts, Barnet manages to smuggle this pearl of easiness through. This is pure Romcom material: two young men overturn on the Caspian Sea and strand in a fishing kolkhoz. There, both fall in love with the same young brigadier and torpedo their friendship through various rivalry maneuvers. Barnet combines expressive faces in the style of silent cinema with casual, sharp-witted dialogues to create a heart-loving ode to individuality, passion and humor.

With an introduction by Christoph Huber.

  • Elena Kuz’mina
  • Nikolaj Krjuckov
  • Lev Sverdlin
35 mm
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