Retrospective 2017


Grigorij Kozincev, Leonid Trauberg
Udssr 1931
82 min

At first sight, ODNA, with musical Shostakovich-background, tells a standard saga of socialist realism: the idealist urbanist fights in a remote corner of the union against illiteracy and kulak economy. With a sense for nuances, Kozincev/Trauberg stage the pride with which the heroine writes her new profession "teacher" into the form at the beginning, the ambiguity with which she gives up her comfortable life in the big city and the solidarity that she has with the women in the Altai region against male miscreants. This drama recalls that emancipation and "diversity" were indeed projects of the Russian revolution.

  • Elena Kuz’mina
  • Petr Sobolevskij
  • Sergej Gerasimov
  • Marija Babanova
35 mm
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