Ben Russell
USA 2008
3 min

With Black and White confidently transcended in the series, the focus of the titles now shifts to places. And, in the case of Trypps #5, the place is one of berserk neon besplendored with garish colors. As the pastel neon does an excitable song and dance routine that all but turns this single shot into a flicker film of its own, two signs - one in English and one in Arabic - remain rock steady in pushing their hard sell illuminated message. An English-speaking viewer can read one of the signs as \"APP\" and infer that the slivers of letters to the right and left complete the word as \"HAPPY\". Is being \"app\" part of being \"happy\"? Is this store trying to push \"happy\" but only able to give \"app\"?

This film is part of the short film program Trypps #1 – #6.

  • Ben Russell
Ben Russell

Ben Russell, 1716 S Morgan #2F, Chicago IL 60608, USA, T +1 401 952 7062,

16 mm
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