Zu früh, zu spät
Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub
FRA, Egypt 1981
105 min

This is a film in two parts: one filmed in France, one in Egypt. Both parts deal with those who work the land, the villages where they have built a life for themselves, barren soil, water and paths. The camera pans from a tiny mule at the banks of the Nile River to a fat cow in Brittany, from the French Revolution to the revolt of the fellahs. \"Too Early, Too Late\" is a fascinatingly meditative piece about time and eternity, and how work transforms the Earth and the wind covers up all our tracks. Straub's cinematic world has always been one that cherishes the Earth as our cradle, but simultaneously doesn't deny its harsh historical nature.

Will be screened together with <filmlink id=\"2579\">Einleitung zu Arnold Schoenbergs Begleitmusik zu einer Lichtspielscene</filmlink>.

  • Jean-Marie Straub
  • Danièle Huillet
  • William Lubtchansky
  • Caroline Champetier (Frankreich); Robert Alazraki
  • Marguerite Perlado (Ägypten)
  • Manfred Blank
  • Louis Hochet
  • Jean-Marie Straub
  • Danièle Huillet
  • Danièle Huillet (Teil A)
  • Bhagat el Nadi (Teil B)
Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet
Jean-Marie Straub
16 mm
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