Kabul Dream Factory
Sebastian Heidinger
DEU, Afghanistan 2011
90 min

Saba Sahar has been a policewoman in Kabul for 18 years. But she is also an actress, a director and a producer. As a representative of the state executive, but also as a filmmaker, the central theme of her work is the everyday violence against Afghan women. In Traumfabrik Kabul Sebastian Heidinger portrays a protagonist who is surprising in many ways: who stands up for her cause with impressive matter-of-factness, even though in doing so she openly contradicts Afghan family laws. Sahar’s great strength is her unshakeable passion for her shattered country: in a place where women’s rights are trampled underfoot she uses film as a weapon for hitting back. (Ansgar Vogt)

  • Sebastian Heidinger
  • Alexander Gheorghui
  • Sebastian Heidinger
  • Alex Fuchs
Boekamp & Kriegsheim GmbH ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel

Taskovski Films

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