Gaston Solnicki
Argentinien 2011
74 min

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A portrait of Argentine director Gastón Solnicki’s family over the course of the second half of the 20th century, Papirosen follows four generations still troubled by a war that’s never spoken of. The film juxtaposes different periods with their native image formats, along with landscapes, characters and international political events, as it focuses on a singular decade of a nouveau riche Argentine Jewish family, and the new generation’s introduction into familiar traumas and vitality. (Locarno Film Festival)

  • Pola Solnicki
  • Victor Solnicki
  • Mirta Najdorf
  • Yanina Solnicki
  • Alan Solnicki
  • Mateo Tarlowsky
  • Lara Tarlowsky
  • Gastón Solnicki
  • Jason Candler
  • Andrea Kleinman
Film Wiktora Atopic, Third Home Naked Faces

Antoine Segovia

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