Mantas Kvedaravicius
FIN, LT, Tschetschenien 2011
59 min

In a Chechen city recovering after the war, a man disappears. As daily life goes on, those in search are drawn into a world where encounters with diviners and legal advisors, with the torturers and the tortured, with secret prisons and mythical lakes all become commonplace. When the disappeared do return in dreams, they are said to come from Barzakh – a land between the living and the dead.
Torture is everyday reality both in Chechnya and the Russian Federation, if only a covert reality. Yet from the start of the project I was not interested in the production of certain truths where either the reasons or the motives of perpetrators are laid bare, or the traumas of victims are simply exposed to our voyeuristic gaze. Rather I was concerned to show how torture enters into everyday life; to inquire into its lingering power over a person. (Mantas Kvedaravicius)

  • Mantas Kvedaravicius
  • Mantas Kvedaravicius
  • Tero Malmberg
  • Mantas Kvedaravicius
  • Aznach Ensemble
Sputnik Oy Extimacy Films

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